ID-100182407Having well maintained financial records of your business is important in order to run it successfully. Financial statements are the windows into your business’ fiscal workings. Knowing how to analyze them is key to budgeting and pinpointed areas of waste.

On October 23rd, the MI-SBTDC will be conducting a class centered around the financial statement and how to mine the most useful information from it. It is intended for business owners and key staff who want to obtain a better understanding of how to use their financial statements. Ideally, Participants should have 2-3 years of financial records. Those of you who are seeking financing or are having challenges with cash flow would benefit the most from this class.

This class will cover a myriad of topics centered around financial statements. You will be instructed on how to use your balance sheet and income statement to manage your business. You will us break even analysis to improve your decision making, find the source of cash flow inefficiencies, and increase the cash flow to your business.

This event is free to Fifth Third Bank clients. You can find registration here.

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