image_FormHeaderCrowdCampOver the past few years, crowd funding has proven to be a viable alternative to traditional loans. With $2.7 Billion raised in 2012 through crowd funded campaigns, they are not something that should be ignored. However, it being a relatively new method of funding procurement, many people don’t know much about them and they know even less about how they can start a campaign themselves.

The Mid Michigan Innovation Center has the perfect event for those of you looking to try your hand at crowd funding but know nothing about it. Starting October 12th, The MMIC, partnered with Ann Arbor SPARK, A&E networks, and the founders of RocketHub, will be conducting a two day workshop that will walk you through all of the steps involved in starting a crowd funding campaign.

The 2 day course will begin with breakfast and an introduction presentation that will describe the types of things that successful crowd funding campaigns do right and how “A&E’s project start-up” works. As the day continues, attendees will have time to work on their campaign. They will shoot the video description of their crowd funding idea that will be used in their final campaign profile. The event will wrap up on day 2 with finalization of projects and a launch party.

Attendees are encouraged to bring all of the video equipment they will need to shoot their video. This includes cameras, tripods, and laptops. Whether attendees have a project planned already or not, This event is great for anyone interested in crowd funding. Attendees do not even need to launch their campaign at the end of the event. They can come to simply learn and build a mock campaign.

Registration can be found here. Be sure to register soon because spots are limited.